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Hypnosis helps with many things that people want to change and I specialise in a couple of them.

Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking doesn’t need to be hard. Hypnosis can make the change a simple and easy process for many people. By addressing the issues and fears behind quitting smoking, hypnosis can make this immediate and permanent, and does so day in and day out for many people. This is normally a single session.

Weight Control
This will be five sessions. The first is a free consultation to allow you to find out if this is the right programme for you. This is followed by four sessions of approximately an hour and spaced a week apart on successive weeks and includes an information pack and a CD for your daily listening.

Hypnotherapy Sessions
For general hypnosis sessions, which will vary in length but would typically be 45 minutes to an hour or more. Depending on what it is you would like to address, you may need more than one session. I will advise you on our first meeting of my expectation with this. For most things it would typically be up to four sessions with two being most common.

Free Consultation
I offer a free consultation to all clients to allow you to discuss in confidence with me the area of your life you would like to change or improve. This can be on it’s own or can be in front of the hypnotherapy session itself. I am happy to discuss your needs with you and work out a way to help you make the changes with ease.