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The Last Cigarette

Many smokers tell themselves that they are going to give up, when the time is right, on Monday, in the New year, after the holiday, when I have finished the duty free. At the time they say it, many people believe it but, when the appointed time arrives, it is common to find a good reason why the time is not quite right …. yet …. next week will be better and I will have my last cigarette on Sunday night. Of course, as Monday comes along so does another plausible reason why today is not the right day.

You may or may not know this but your mind is playing with you, the subconscious part of your mind that is. We each have a conscious and a subconscious part to our mind. The conscious performs the tasks we choose to do and are aware of, such as conversation, going to the gym, making a shopping list and much more. The subconscious performs the tasks we are not aware of (unless we focus on them) such as breathing, dreaming, keeping our body temperature stable, keeping us healthy and happy. It is now widely understood that the subconscious mind is by far the more powerful part of us and it controls our behaviour. If the subconscious had a prime directive, that would probably be to keep us “Happy, Healthy and Safe”

When we first adopt a new habit, such as smoking, there will be a good reason, a positive reason, why we began. This may have been to feel part of a group, to feel grown up or perhaps to take control by defying our parents. Our subconscious mind believes it to be good for us as it has no capacity to analyse this, it just knows it makes us feel good for whatever the reason we started. This then becomes set in our subconscious and, even long after the initial reason has no meaning any more, the subconscious still has it as a belief that it is good for us. As the subconscious is more powerful, then any conscious attempts to stop smoking will be challenged by the subconscious, which is likely to win the battle. It is this inner struggle, that most of us are unaware of, that makes it so challenging for many to change their behaviour just by conscious thought.

Hypnosis works so well for many people as it allows the hypnotist to access the subconscious mind, and make changes there to support a new behaviour. So, for instance, with a smoker, we can change the initial belief about the reason why it is good for us when we began smoking and update that belief to one that is able to support being a non smoker. This then makes it easier to stop as it removes the inner struggle between the two parts of the mind and allows an easier transition from being a smoker to returning to being a non smoker.

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