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Hypnosis – does it work?

A common question I have been asked is “Does it really work”, when responding to a suggetion that hypnosis can help with a given condition or problem faced by them. Sometimes I will reply with “Do you want it to work” to test if they are serious about making the changes needed to get the result they want.

I know hypnosis works, I see it happen everyday, I see people make remarkable improvements and changes that sometimes they can’t even believe themselves. What remains really interesting to me is, that many of those that have seen wonderful changes for themselves with hypnosis, start with a sceptical view about how effective it will be and still get the result they want.

So what makes the difference between someone achieving success with hypnosis and someone else not getting the success they want. When practicing hypnosis with a client, the aim is to help them to relax into a state that is between waking and sleeping, a state we call hypnosis. The experience of this state will be different for everyone, though there will be some things in common. Once in this state the senses are heightened and the subconcious mind becomes more accessible and the conscious mind becomes less critical. This state allows for positive suggestions to be given while the subconscious is much more ready to accept them. It is the subconscious mind that directs behaviour and habits so by giving positive suggestions, change can be initiated and the subconscious mind will carry out that change so habits, beliefs and behaviours are changed and those changes are usually permanent. However, some people will have powerful beliefs, buried deep in their subconscious, and may have reasons (that they are not aware of) why they do not really want change, and this can prevent some people from enjoying success with hypnosis.

A skilled therapist will have ways to address this and it may take 2 or 3 sessions to get to the root of some issues for some people. Many people, however, will see the benefits after even one session of hypnosis and a part of that success is that they are ready for change, that they want change and a good therapist will help them to achieve that change.

So, does hypnosis work? Yes, for the vast majority of people it works, and works really well. The question is, are you ready for it to work for you?


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