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Change – what does that mean to you? For some people change is something to be welcomed. Change can be the opening door to a better life, to self improvement, to new habits or to more success. For other people, change can be seen as unwelcomed and even frightening. Change can be the removal of things that have been certain, leading to feelings of insecurity or anxiety. Some people relish change and some will fight against it. Whichever it is for you, change is a vital component of improving lives. If you want to change something in your life then you have to do something that is different from the normal way you do things. Imagine this – your are scared of dogs and each morning you walk the same way to work. One day on your route a big dog leaps up at a gate that you pass and barks loudly at you and scares you. You rush past and head into work feeling anxious, scared and out of sorts. The next day you walk to work the same way and again the dog leaps up at you and scares you and you are put out again. Each day that passes that you continue taking the same route to work, you will experience the same scare. There two ways obvious ways to avoid this. One is to CHANGE your route. When you change your route to work the next day, you arrive fresh and in a good frame of mind having avoided the dog. The other is to CHANGE how you feel about the dog so you are no longer scared of it. One way is easier than the other but both are possible and both require the same thing …. CHANGE.

Now the interesting thing here is that, with hypnosis, you can change the routes in your mind that lead you to smoke, or bite your nails, or be anxious, or be afraid of spiders, or lack confidence, or indeed any of many other things that have a negative effect on people and leave them feeling distressed, frustrated or some other negative feeling. And you have a choice. In your mind, you can continue to walk past that dog or …… you can make a CHANGE, a change to the route in your mind, and leave behind the distress, anxiety, fear simply by doing something different. People can make that change for themselves if they have the right motivation or the right knowledge of themselves, but many people find this too difficult to do consciously. With hypnosis, we access the subconscious mind and find a new route, or a new belief, or a new value so that behaviour, or that negative feeling, can CHANGE for the better, and you need never go back on that old route past the dog …. unless you choose to!

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