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Free Consultation

Often, people will have an area of their life that troubles them or in which they want to improve. This may be behaviour that you don’t like or doesn’t serve you such as biting your nails, smoking or unhealthy eating. Perhaps it could be your confidence or self esteem that is low and you would like it improved. Maybe you are overweight and would like to manage your weight better so you can be slimmer and fitter. Whatever it is that you would like to change or improve about yourself or your life then come and talk to me about it.

I offer all my clients a free consultation without any commitment to continue with therapy. This will give you the opportunity to meet me, tell me about your unwanted behaviour or the area of life you want to improve and find out if hypnotherapy is the answer for you. It also gives you the chance to know if I am the right therapist to help you. This consultation is carried out in confidence and whatever passes between us will remain in confidence, as will anything we discuss as you progress with the hypnotherapy. This free consultation takes as long as it takes and typically this will be 20 to 30 minutes. It can be independent of a session of hypnotherapy or the session can follow on directly.

Below is a guideline to rates. These may vary depending on your requirements. Rates are per session and a session can last anything upto 90 minutes but typically will be 45 to 60 minutes with the first session generally being the longest. Some issues will be sorted in one session, others may take 3 or 4. Very few things will be more than 4 sessions, 2 or 3 being the most usual.

General session £80

Weight control programme £250 (4 sessions)

Hypnotic Gastric Band £100 (only available as an extra to the weight programme)

Stop Smoking £200 (one session up to 2 hours)

TELEPHONE: 07722 877016