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About Me

A lot of time has passed between me being born and the present day. In the intervening years I have learnt much through experience and education, gained knowledge and perhaps even a hint of wisdom.

hypnotherapy Rotherham South Yorkshire

Happy at Work

My life has been varied and interesting with experience in many walks of life. I have not always been a therapist but in my later years I found myself drawn towards helping people more than I had when younger. Some years ago my own life hit a crisis, and in the course of seeking help and answers for myself I met a wonderful man, a well know hypnotherapist, who helped me to resolve the problems I was facing. This experience touched me and I realised that this would be my future, to train as a hypnotherapist, so I could then help many people to sort out their problems and improve their lives.

I went on to train with Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Brian Glenn, the founder, was my tutor and I learnt quickly. I am pleased to say I am now a tutor at the school and enjoy passing on the skills to others wanting to learn how to help people improve their lives. I also run clinics in South Yorkshire where I focus much of my attention on health, weight control and smoking as well as many other issues that hypnotherapy can help with.

I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and follow and abide by the standards laid out by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Coucil    I am a consultant for HypnoSlimmer and have worked with many people, helping them to reduce their shape and size to one that they wanted to be. As part of this process I have used the Hypnotic Gastric Band where appropriate.

My focus is on helping you to resolve issues in your life, to improve your health, get rid of the habits that are hard for you to break, reducing your stress levels or make the changes you want to see in yourself. Together we can achieve this.

Robin Richardson Dip. Hyp. (ISCH) GQHP                                               TELEPHONE: 07722 877016