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Stop Smoking

Hypnosis to stop smoking Sheffield


Smoking is a habit that many people regret ever starting and say they would love to give up. The interesting part is that often people will try to give up and return to smoking, as it seems too difficult to remain stopped. Will power alone is not enough for most people when it comes to stopping smoking and some extra help is required.

There are different ways people use to stop. Some choose cold turkey and a few have success with this. Some choose drug treatment or nicotine patches in an effort to stop the cravings and this also works for some. One way that works for many people is Hypnosis. Using Hypnosis as a way to stop smoking works so well because it works on different levels.

With Hypnosis we can address the cravings that many people experience and minimise these, or even completely remove them for some. We also address the replacement behaviour such as eating. Often people eat more when they stop smoking which can lead to putting on weight. This too will be addressed so you can remain at a stable weight without replacing the smoking with eating.

There can be a gap to fill for some people who stop. Perhaps they are used to smoking after a meal, when talking on the phone or when having a cuppa. These habits can also be changed so they no longer have association with smoking.

The method I use is a single therapy session that will last up to 2 hours. If you come with the right attitude the when you leave you will be a non smoker.

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